Wälischmiller Engineering | HighTec with tradition.


Hans Walischmiller opens his new business in Meersburg. Initially the business was involved in the development of dental equipment for the medical market.


Hans Walischmiller enters the nuclear technology industry after being awarded a contract to supply afacility for the transfer, distribution and packaging of radioactive Sr90 for a pharmaceutical company. Development and production gradually focuses of this new technology.


Relocation of head office and production to Markdorf.


Delivery of the first A100 master slave manipulator to the Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe in Germany. The new manipulator makes the work of the operator easier and safer, more accurate and faster.


Delivery of the first A200 manipulator to the Research Centre at Julich in Germany.


Development of the A1000 power manipulator for remote handling of heavy loads.


Development of hydraulic manipulators for remote manipulator vehicles.


Development of waterproof equipment and tools for the dismantling of decommissioned reactors.


New locations are opened in Dresden and Rossendorf. The medical division is transferred to Dresden, and a number of technical staff from the Central Institute for Nuclear Research (ZFK) join the company. At Rossendorf products are developed for the nuclear medicine industry.


Delivery of the first handling robot, TELBOT, to AECL Atomic Energy in Canada.


The "big hall" facility is built at our Markdorf plant. This has a height of 15 metres and a water pool with a depth of 5 metres. Now power manipulators can be tested with extremely long telescopes in fully extended state - even under water.


Sales of Hans Walischmiller GmbH to Carr's Milling Industries Plc, based in Carlisle, UK. The company name is changed to

Walischmiller Engineering GmbH.

We now have around 104 employees planning, designing, manufacturing and developing products and systems for our core competencies of

  • remote handling,
  • robotics,
  • radiation protection
  • and nuclear medicine.