Philosophie / Quality Policy

Premium quality for the security in your company

We at Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH are specialized in the development, design and production of remote handling solutions for various applications. Amongst other things they enable works in dangerous or sensible rooms or areas. As one of the market leaders of our branch we proceed according our slogan “Quality for Safety” utmost quality requirements both in the choice of our suppliers and the production of our manipulators at our premises. As experts in remote-handling technology we develop for your company and according your requirements special customized solutions. That way for example radio protected works can be realized in research, medicine technology, in the dismantling and as well for the recycling procedure for the nuclear energy.

Supply of individual solutions

Every company is different. As we won’t deliver you just any product, we at Wälischmiller Engineering are specialized in individual solutions. That way you will obtain a working tool that absolutely meets your requirements - in function and performance.

Sensitive genius for highly sensitive working areas

Thanks to our sophisticated technology and our long-lasting experience since 1950 and the gained knowledge in the field of remote handling manipulators we are able to produce highly precise manipulators you can work with at utterly accuracy.

From experts to experts – high tech with tradition

Working with contaminated materials requires numerous safety measures to protect the health of all involved staff. We at Wälischmiller Engineering develop as an innovative, competent and reliable company with long-term tradition remote handling manipulators, which allow to work save and secure in contaminated and therefore highly sensitive areas.

Highly qualified employees are the reason for your and our success

Every single employee in our company is held in high esteem and will be trained according to his personal wish continuously. The high qualification of the Wälischmiller Engineering employees is the main reason for our and your success. Every single staff member in our team takes the responsibility for both utmost quality and security and functionality of our products up to the smallest detail. An intensive trainee development is a firm part of our corporate policy.

Long-term customer loyalty

We are happy to be able to say, that today Wälischmiller Engineering remote handling technology is used in over 40 countries. Our customers appreciate especially our high quality demand. Our effort is to establish a positive and long-term customer relationship wherever our customers have their headquarters. Fairness and a constructive and as well a highly professional partnership features our customer relations and also our cooperations.

Certified quality management

Since many years Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH is certified in accordance with the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 and in accordance with KTA 1401.