Articulated Master-Slave Manipulator A200

A flexible manipulator for more precision

The Walischmiller Engineering A200 master-slave manipulator is a system for remote controlled handling of objects and tools in smaller cells and boxes, in particular the handling of hazardous substances in nuclear medicine, biotechnology and the nuclear industry.

The A200 series is suitable for installation heights of approximately 1,850mm to 2,250mm. The following variants are currently available:

  • The A210 type is equipped with a non gas-tight through-wall tube
  • The A202 type is gas-tight in the through-wall tube or through-box tube (otherwise identical to the A210)
  • The A201E is equipped with electrical controls to enable horizontal and vertical movements

The force feedback (of the working arm) and the directly proportional movements of the operating and working arms provide the operator with a good feel for the operations being performed. Operating and working arms are both equipped with shoulder, elbow and wrist, so as to best achieve the mutual compatibility between human movement and the movement of the slave arm. The working arm is longer than the operating arm; therefore long range movements are possible.

The A200 manipulator is modular and consists of a cold arm (master), a through-wall tube and a hot arm (slave).

The articulated arm manipulators can be equipped with protective sleeves (booting) to protect the slave arm from damage.


The A200 is designed specifically to cope in the harsh environment in which it will operate. Radiation resistant and acid and corrosion proof materials, all of the highest quality, are therefore used throughout. The materials also undergo a high-grade surface refinement process before delivery to the customer.

Dokumentation and Quality

As would be expected the A200 is manufactured to the highest quality standards and this is documented throughout the manufacturing process.  Documentation provided with the A200 will cover everything from testing of raw materials, through in-process testing, to final customer acceptance testing.

  • The A200 manipulator is highly versatile
  • The through-wall tubes are available as both gas-tight and non gas-tight variants
  • The transmission ratio of handle displacement to tong displacement can be determined according to the requirements (i.e. according to the desired working range on the hot side)
  • Rotational and pivoting movements of the tongs are transferred at a ratio of 1:1
  • Multiple accessories are available; for example, various manipulator tools can be attached to the tongs
  • Many parts are common to the Walischmiller Engineering A100 range, meaning that where both systems are used, holdings of spare parts, tools and accessories can be minimised
  • An economical solution available with short delivery times
  • Fast repair and servicing available worldwide