Manipulator Vehicle V1000

„The Modular way“

Until now the Power manipulator A1000 has always been connected: to a crane-bridge, to the floor or wall. Now it has crawlers and is free! Its favorite play area is demanding terrain, hills, inclines and stairs; indoors as well as outdoors. It feels at ease where others do not.

The V1000 was developed especially for the nuclear industry. For this reason radiation-proof componenants and easy to decontaminate surfaces were used. Therefore, the V1000 can also be used for the chemical, gas and oil industries. (offshore/ onshore)

Its chassis is stable and flexible. You have the choice between varying sizes and drive systems. Custom-made modules and tools are available. The vehicle’s handling arm is in the A1000 class. Therefore the accessories are inter-changable between the A1000 and the V1000. For example grippers, shovels and other tools. The standard module the V1000 comes with a 7-axis arm and a handling-arm capacity of 100 kg (220 lb).

Modularity is written with a capital "M" with the V1000. The arm, the seperate arm-elements and the electronic modules can easily and quickly be changed. You don’t need special tools.

As with every romote-controlled device, the V1000 is delivered with cordless steering. It’s also possible to order a device with power-cords. The simple design makes using the device intuitive even if it’s the first time using it.

There internal battery has a 3-13 hour life. Alternatively, a power supply cable is available. The change from a cordless to cord can be done quickly. What is more, only the electronic module without a cable can be changed to one with a cable.