Power Manipulator A1000

The power to handling

The A1000 is a power manipulator with numerous fields of application, particularly where humans cannot work and heavy duty tasks have to be performed.

With its comfortable remote operation, its efficient movements, its radiation resistance and its design as a self contained unit with electrical drives the A1000 is the number one choice for the use in radioactive and other environments not accessible for humans.

The A1000 is a modular systems for remote handling of loads. It consists of:

  • A mobile bridge rolling on rails.
  • A carriage rolling on the bridge.
  • Telescope with optional load hook for load lifting.
  • Manipulator arm.
  • Accessories.

The manipulator arm has six electrically driven, remote controlled movements:

  • Upper arm pivot.
  • Lower arm pivot.
  • Wrist pivot, with infinite rotation.
  • Infinite hand rotation.
  • Hand extension.
  • Tongs opening / closing.

The range of movements is designed so as to access any point within the designated area of a hot cell.  The infinite rotation of the joints provides a huge amount of flexibility.

All movements are electrically driven. They are controlled through an SPC control system or, if desired, through a computer based control system. A portable, ergonomically designed, operating panel allows for intuitive operation; the control switches and indicators are all arranged in a way to reflect the manipulator movement.

Given the environment in which it will be operating, the A1000 has been specifically designed to allow easy maintenance. It is also designed in such as way as to avoid damage to the electrical wiring. A final treatment of the A1000 surface materials and use of water-proof components ensures that the system can be easily decontaminated.

Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of the A1000. Materials are selected specially to meet the requirements of the nuclear sector; materials used are radiation resistant, and acid and corrosion resistance. The A1000 is also given a final surface protection treatment.

The A1000 is designed for long service life; many systems have now been in use for 30 years. Our years of experience combined with continuous developments ensures that customers using the A1000 have a product that will last many years into the future.

As would be expected the A1000 is manufactured to the highest quality standards and this is documented throughout the manufacturing process. Documentation provided with the A1000 will cover everything from testing of raw materials, through in-process testing, to final customer acceptance testing.

The Power Manipulator A1000 offers a huge amount of versatility. Size and performance of the A1000 can be adjusted to meet customer's specific requirements. If required, extensions of the systems can be built; for example, an auxiliary crane could be added, or the A1000 could be integrated with a Robot TELBOT®.