Robotic Arm for Power Manipulator

Robotic Arm with Cartesian Coordinate Control Function

The robotic arm A1000S is a programmable manipulator. It comes with 6-degrees of freedom and a Cartesian power function. Its maneuverability is user-friendly. For this reason, the arm can be precisely and securely used. As you already know, the handling of dangerous materials requires safety.

The A1000S can enter environments which aren’t accessable to humans; for example, in the nuclear or chemical industries. In doing so, it can perform tasks such as: the handling of radio-active materials, decomissioning work, decontamination maintenance, service work or hard work in hot cells.

Precise linear movements are possible with the Cartesian steering function. A line can be followed with the arm. The disc grinder function proves to be especially important for example for cutting with a disc grinder in demolition work.

The Go-To Mode

We have integrated the Go-To Mode into the A1000S. The mode is a learn and render method for manipulators. The A1000S can be taught predefined combinations of movements and they can be performed as often as needed. Therefore, the mode proves itself to be useful for repetitive work. The work becomes easier.

During the entire time of the reproduction you have the grip in your hand. You can define, at any time, the speed and direction during movement. In this way, the mode proves itself to be flexible. The GoTo mode makes changing tools easy. The exact position of each tool can be saved. It can be automatically recalled.

The 3-D Simulation

The robot’s steering is equipped with a 3-D simulation. That means that the detailed structure of the A1000S and the periphery can be modulated and simulated in real-time. A 3-D simulation makes working in tight or low visibility areas easier. When for example, sight is obstructed. The Modeling on the computer screen takes over the task. Another advantage of the 3-D simulation is that it recognizes collisions. It sends an alarm and stops the arm
before a collision occurs. It’s another advantage for your safety.

The A1000S is developed from the power manipulator A1000 class. In doing so we have kept all of the important advantages, above all:

  • no external wiring
  • almost maintenance-free
  • easily decantaminated
  • emergency devices at every axis
  • arm elements can be changed remotely
  • robust
  • reliable