Remote Handling Tongs A01

A universal tong for various applications

The Wälischmiller Engineering remote handling tongs A01 are used in shielded cells, either as shielded plug type or ball type through-wall units. They are widely used for the handling of radioactive materials in the fields of research, diagnostics, production and therapy.


The Wäliscmiller Engineering remote handling tongs are designed specifically for the environment in which they will be used. Radiation resistant, acid and corrosion proof materials are used throughout. As with all Wälischmiller Engineering products, material certificates are available if required.

Documentation and Quality

Quality is paramount all the way through the design and production process. Special inspection procedures are in place for all incoming materials to ensure a continuously high quality. In-process controls also ensure that the highest quality standards are adhered to throughout manufacture, right up to the point of final customer acceptance testing. All our quality policies and procedures are thoroughly documented and are available if required.

The universal tongs feature a simple, ergonomically optimised handle and various tongs or jaw attachments are available. The jaw attachments are easy to change, making them suitable for optimal handling of various objects, however delicate.

  • Rod diameter: 14 or 20 mm
  • Anodised aluminium handle
  • Rod and tongs in stainless steel
  • Dimensions and mass:
    Length: 1,000mm
    Weight: approximately 1kg
  • Choice of colours for the handles
  • Special jaw attachments
  • Protective sleeves (booting)
  • Alternative rod lengths
  • Alternative rod diamaters

We can offer remote handling tongs specially tailored to your requirements, so please contact use for further details or with any queries.