A robot with unlimited movements

Special tasks require a special robot, the TELBOT® from Wälischmiller Engineering. The TELBOT® is highly versatile and suitable for use is numerous fields; for example, the nuclear industry and in chemical plants.

The TELBOT® is a multifunctional, modular, automated robot system with unique properties:

  • Unlimited rotation of all axes
  • No wiring inside or outside the arm
  • Unlimited, fast and precise arm movements
  • Smooth and sealed arm bodies and joints
  • Radiation resistance
  • Sleek construction with high load capacity
  • Modular robot with selectable drives, arm lengths and joint modules
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Programming of trajectories is possible
  • Transmission of movements with concentric tubes inside the arm and concentric bevel gears inside the joints
  • Precise operation of remote-controlled tools
  • Performance of complex work processes
  • Handling and precise loads from 5kg to 150kg
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • Long service life

All TELBOT® movements are electrically driven. The TELBOT® control TBC1, has been developed by Wälischmiller Engineering's own software designers. It can be operated either on Intel or Power PC architecture in real time.

The ergonomic JOYARM allows for intuitive operation. The JOYARM is a lever system with six moveable axes, the deflection of which is transferred to the corresponding axes of the TELBOT® by a computer interface. The JOYARM can also be operated with an adjustable force feedback, which communicates the forces acting of the manipulator back to the operator via the integrated motors of the JOYARM.