Operating Device JOYARM

JOYsticks and MasterARM

Sometimes a manipulator’s operation needs to be intuitive and exact and sometimes it needs to be positioned quickly. So you think the two features are often times mutually exclusive, our JOYARM can prove the opposite!

With a joystick a manipulator can be precisely moved axis by axis. However, a masterarm offers a fast and intuitive way to operate the manipulator. The JOYARM is the optimal combination of JOYstick and MasterARM. What’s impressive about this is that one controller can be used to go between a joystick and masterarm functionality.

The JOYARM adds a force-feedback to its six degrees of freedom. The six built in motors transmit through its arm a 3D strength. Essentially, events feel like they would on a manipulator. This function contributes to the ease of use.

Following a line with a conventional Masterarm is very difficult. This function is important for demolition work, or for the changing of connectors. In doing so, the JOYARM distinguishes itself from conventional service devices. Its structure enables it to accomplish such tasks easily and conveniently.

The JOYARM can be controlled with one arm because it offers a 3D control or speed control. That means that the manipulator’s position can be defined 1:1 with the JOYARM (Masterarm-function) or also with which speed the Masterarm should move (Speed-function). The ability to use one arm helps avoid a complicated change over between switches, as so often is the case with joysticks. Therefore, the manipulator can be used quickly.
The support of the arm with an armrest contributes to the comfortable use. The result is that one doesn’t tire as quickly and can work longer and safer.

To make the work easier, we’ve developed the GoTo mode. This mode is a "teach and playback method" for manipulators. The manipulator can be taught predefined combinations of movements and they can be performed as often as needed. It’s useful for repetitive processes. The reins are in the hands of the user the entire time. The speed and direction can be defined during movement. The mode, therefore, proves itself to be flexible. The GoTo mode eases the change of tools considerably. The exact position of each tool can be saved and the tool can automatically pick it up