Operating Device Masterarm

See it now with the TELBOT

The HWM Masterarm is a new control element for the TELBOT®. It has at its disposal a force-feedback message on its 7-degrees of freedom. That means that the user can feel the response on the Masterarm of what’s happening on the manipulator.

The Masterarm is developed by Wälischmiller Engineering in order to optimize the comfort of working and guard against fatigue. The balanced ergonomics of the weight composition will be reached through the arm elements' integrated electical drives. The frictionless components likewise play an important role. We have also looked for a grip that fits every hand perfectly. The result is that the Masterarm can be effortlessly used. Work is done more easily.

An additional comfort is an adjustable working height. The base is equiped with an electrical drive. It can be raised and lowered. It means that the masterarm can be used while sitting as well as standing.

The Masterarm can be used immediately and intuitively. Like in a car, the controls are where one would expect them to be. For this reason, the Masterarm is completely user-friendly.

The Masterarm’s swivel- and turn axes (2 through 6) rotate indefinately. With this function, the Masterarm can position the manipulator effortlessly in difficult areas. The Masterarm’s function makes it unique.

For the steering system, the absolute value transmitter comes into play. That has two meanings for the user. First of all, the Masterarm is immediately ready for use after turning it on and synchronizing it with the manipulator. Secondly, the movements will be transmitted to the manipulator exactly and in real-time. The movements will be copied 1:1 from the Masterarm to the manipulator through a real-time steering system.

  • training with simulation: thanks to an independent switchboard. The advantage for the user: no abbrasion on the manipulator.
  • in combination with the TELBOT® (optimal with the TB300)!
  • also as masterarm with the manipulatorarm in implementations
  • the length of the arm elements are adjustable
  • different colors can be chosen (anodized or lacquered)
  • other grips, also customer-specified are possible
  • the Masterarm can be combined with other input devices

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