Telescopic Master-Slave Manipulator A100

Precision for maximum safety

The telescopic master-slave manipulator A100 was first developed in 1963, but has undergone numerous enhancements since then. The basic principle - a system divided into the three parts of cold arm (master), through wall tube and hot arm (slave) - was, at the time, a revolutionary development, which has now become standard across the industry. Due to continuous development, driven partly by customer requirements and use of the A100 in different environments, the A100 system has become of the best selling handling systems available on the market.

The A100 of Wälischmiller Engineering meets all the requirements placed on a hot cell master-slave handling system. Our A100 is built to the highest quality and precisions standards. We also continue to develop the A100 system in co-operation with our customers, to meet continually evolving requirements and expectations.

Ease of use and handling is an important element of the A100 system. The movement of the operating am follows the natural movement of the human hand. The force feedback provides the user with a good feel for the operations being performed however delicate.

Through wall tubes, arms, jaws or tools of various configurations are all remotely interchangeable, providing all the advantages of easy repair, small spare part holdings, easy handling and replacement with minimum downtime.


The A100 is designed specifically to cope in the harsh environment in which it will operate. Radiation resistant, acid and corrosion proof materials, all of the highest quality, are therefore used throughout. The materials also undergo a high-grade surface refinement process before delivery to the customer.

Dokumentation and Quality

As would be expected the A100 is manufactured to the highest quality standards and this is documented throughout the manufacturing process. Documentation provided with the A100 will cover everything from testing of raw materials, through in-process testing, to final customer acceptance testing.

  • Quick separation of working arm, operating arm and through wall tube.
  • Developed for endurance and long service life.
  • Modularity - working arm, operating arm and through wall tube are interchangeable. The possibilitiesfor exchanging arms, jaws, tools, adaptors or load hooks are endless.
  • The cold arm is attached to the through tube with just four bolts. All counter weights and electric drives, as well as their electrical control elements, are attached to the cold arm outside of the cell and are therefore easily accessible.
  • The manipulator is suitable for use both by right and left handed operators.
  • The jaws and tongs are easily changeable, even when protective sleeves (bootings) are used.
  • The system's perfect balance reduces operator strain.
  • An economical solution with short delivery times.
  • Fast service and repair (available worldwide).

Wälischmiller Engineering manipulators are designed for use in areas inaccessible to humans, mainly in the nuclear and chemical industries; for example:

  • Hot cell
  • Support of automatic processes in hot cells
  • Auxiliary manipulator for nuclear power plant decommissioning
  • Movable shielding walls

We can offer A100 specifically tailored to your requirements along with numerous accessory parts.