Electrical Master-Slave Manipulator A100S

A manipulator with drive unit and servomotors

The electrical master-slave manipulator A100S meets all the requirements placed on a hot cell master-slave handling system. Our A100S manipulator is built to the highest quality and precisions standards.  We also continue to develop the A100S in co-operation with our customers, to meet continually evolving requirements and expectations.

The A100S consists of a block drive unit connected either directly to the hot arm or to the through-wall tube (instead of a cold arm). In standard configuration, the A100S is controlled with operating panel with two joysticks. Optionally, a robot control system can be provided.


The A100S is designed specifically to cope in the harsh environment in which it will operate. Radiation resistant and acid and corrosion proof materials, all of the highest quality, are therefore used throughout. The materials also undergo a high-grade surface refinement process before delivery to the customer.

Documentation and Quality

As would be expected the A100S is manufactured to the highest quality standards and this is documented throughout the manufacturing process. Documentation provided with the A100S will cover everything from testing of raw materials, through in-process testing, to final customer acceptance testing.

  • The A100S can be combined with every Wälischmiller Engineering hot arm
  • Servo modules allow for easy control
  • Integration of robot control system is possible
  • Remote controlled working with visualisation system
  • Can be retrofitted to existing A100 manipulators
  • Many parts are common to those of the A100 manipulator; therefore use of both systems does not require an increased holding of spare parts and accessories
  • An economical solution with short delivery times
Wälischmiller Engineering manipulators are designed for use in areas inaccessible to humans, mainly in the nuclear and chemical industries; for example:
  • Hot cells
  • Support of automatic processes in hot cells
  • Auxiliary manipulator for nuclear power plant decommissioning
  • Movable shielding walls