The Manipulator System A150

Ideal for boxes, small and medium sized cells.

With the new A150 telemanipulator, Wälischmiller Engineering is closing the gap between the A100 and A200 series. The manipulator is dedicated to small to medium sized hot cells. Wälischmiller demonstrates with this new development its excellence in engineering and exceptional hardware.

The newest telemanipulator in the HWM family

Numerous systematic considerations are involved in the design of the HWM A150 keeping the hardearned reputation of safety and robustness from the A100 series. The A100 of Wälischmiller are involved in many of the most difficult and challenging nuclear environments around the world.

The A150 is a telescoping manipulator with electric pre-positioning of the X, Y and Z axes, which allow to increase the range of action of the working arm while keeping the operating arm in a good ergonomic position.

The weight compensation allows a very comfortable and fatigue-free working with the telemanipulator.

The manipulator can be installed in wall openings with a diameter of 160 mm or 190.5 mm.

Overview of performance of the A150 manipulator

Loading capacity

up to 12 kg

Arm length

0.8 m


up to 1.6 m

Typical installation height

2.25 m

Weight compensation / compensation

compensation for operation with little effort and throughout the work area

Additional functions

electrical offset in X, Y and Z-movement


  • protective cover of the working arm (so-called "bootings")
  • gas-tight passage
  • extension by standard tools

"Bootings": Protective covers

Like all Wälischmiller telemanipulators the A150 can be equipped with a sleeve to prevent contamination of the working arm with dust or particle.



The A150 is available in a gas-tight or non-gas-tight through-wall tube version with lead shielding and/or biological shielding. Keeping the advantages of the A100 series, the gripper tongs can be exchanged remotely – the gripper tongs can be changed directly in the cell via a changing device.

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Contact person

Marcel Karg

Marcel Karg

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