Modular, flexible & individual for hot cells:

A100 telescope master-slave manipulator

Finding the perfect match for your individual requirements is no problem thanks to the modularity of the A100 Series and its multiple accessories.

Optimised for hot cells: The telescope A100 master-slave manipulator has many advantages

Three-part system – rapid, safe separation

Working arm, operating arm and wall bushing can be separated from one another quickly and easily. This means the wall bushing can be left in the screening wall for maintenance purposes, retaining its radiation protection properties and gas-proof closure.

Versatility through modularity.

Operating arm, working arm and wall bushing are compatible with A100 manipulators in all cases. This means that you can exchange the operating arm or working arm with other versions (e.g. other lengths) as required. The wall bushing is not affected by this. This enables us to provide maximum flexibility with maximum safety.

The A100 is available as a basic or double-telescopic manipulator. You can now reach more remote working areas.

The A100 components in the hot cell, such as gripper tongs, gripper jaws or additional tools can be changed remotely. Even when using protective covers (bootings).

Your advantages in all this:

  • You save time changing and/or repairing components, resulting in increased efficiency
  • Minimised spare parts storage means reduced cost/outlay
  • Faster handling, resulting in minimal loss of time and increased productivity

Overview of performance of the A100 Series

Handling capacity (in every position)

up to 20 kg

Lifting capacity

optional 60 kg with load hook

Arm length (retracted)

0.91 m to 2.01 m


up to 5 m

Typical installation height

2.2 to 3.2 meters

Weight compensation / compensation

operation with little effort in the entire work area

Additional functions

Electrical offset exists for

  • X-movement (right / left)
  • Y-movement (forward / backward)
  • Z movement (in length)


  • robotic functions = A100S
  • load hook up to 60 kg lifting capacity
  • protective cover of the working arm (so-called "bootings")
  • gas-tight execution
  • extension by standard tools

Easier handling for right- and left-handed

Both right and left-handed people can comfortably operate the handle and thus the manipulator. The motion pattern on operating arm mimics the natural motion pattern of the human hand. The force reflex transmits a secure feel for the operation being carried out.

Weight compensation ensures enormous easing

The A110 is a fully-balanced manipulator with dynamic weight counterbalance throughout the whole working area of the "hot" arm. The weight compensation facilitates a comfortable and fatigue-proof working with the A110. You reduce the force affecting the operator, particularly if the telescope tubes are fully extended or the forwards/backwards motion is fully loaded. For the operating personnel this is a real work easing.

Lower outlay for maintenance, operation and access

If it becomes necessary to carry out maintenance or repair, spare parts or wear parts can be replaced quickly and easily, thanks to their modular design. The "cold" arm is secured to the wall bushing with only four screws. All counterbalances, electrical drives and their electrical control elements are mounted on the cold arm, outside the cell and are easily accessible.

The operating arm and working arm can be exchanged individually and remotely (working arm). This reduces downtime and duration of deployment of personnel to a minimum.

Extremely flexible application thanks to interchangeable tools

There are multiple possibilities for changing arms, gripper jaws, tools, adapters or load hooks as required. This makes them flexible in use and able to complete any task. So you are flexible and can solve every task. Furthermore you can facilitate handling with our auxiliary tools. An optimised and therefore faster working process contributes to the reduction of employee stress.

Our range includes:

  • removable tongs made from aluminium or stainless steel
  • an optional load hook for a 60 kg load
  • various electrical and mechanical tools
      • cutting tools such as angle grinders, nibbling machines
      • sawing tools (e.g. jigsaw)
      • drilling tools (e.g. drilling machine)
      • tightening tools (e.g. impact wrench)
      • small mechanical tools


Evolution – Expertise – Success

The telescopic master-slave manipulator A100 has been on the market since 1963. The basic principle - dividing the system into three parts; "cold" arm (master), implementation and "hot" arm (slave) - was a ground-breaking development at the time. Our A100 has quickly become the standard and since then been refined by HWM and is therefore still today one of the best handling systems on the market.

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Marcel Karg

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