No risk with the TELBOT® Z0: Certified according to ATEX "Zone 0" and completely safe


With the semi-automatic robot TELBOT® Z0 from HWM you do not take any risk for human life and equipments.

Wälischmiller Engineering has stood for safety and quality since 1946. On the basis of German engineering artistry and great innovative power, new products "made in Germany" are created every year, which are unique and prove themselves in use.

Wälischmiller Engineering does not make empty promises. The ATEX-certified TELBOT® has often proved that it is optimally equipped for use in "Zone 0". The TELBOT® Z0 has also distinguished itself in practice in the protection of human life and equipments.

Is this also true for apparently comparable competitive products of other manufacturers? Before making your purchase decision, be sure to check whether you really have an ATEX-certified product in front of you for use in highly explosive environments that has similarly good practical experience as the TELBOT® Z0!

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact your TELBOT® expert at HWM.