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Carr's Group at a Glance

The Carr's Group has market leading brands and robust market positions in Agriculture and Engineering supplying customers in over 50 countries, with manufacturing sites in the UK, Germany and the USA, managed in two divisions: Speciality Agriculture and Engineering.

Carr's Group Engineering


Specialises in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels and steel fabrications. Providing everything from mechanical design, manufacture, assembly, machining, testing to site work, with specialisms in the oil, gas, petrochemical and nuclear industries. The products are regularly bespoke to customer needs, with clients both in the UK and internationally.


Subcontractor of precision machined components, with specialism in the fields of Oil & Gas, Subsea applications, on deck ship equipment, offshore wind and high end automotive market including Formula 1. The Division’s distribution network is not only the UK, and Europe but also China, Australia and the USA.


Specialises in remote handling equipment for: the nuclear industry, medical research and toxic environments. The master slave manipulators it produces are commissioned for use in both the UK and internationally, and are subject to continuous product development, to provide enhancements, suitable for varying client requirements.

NW Total

Supplies industry leading engineering solutions to some of the world’s largest companies in the defence, nuclear decommissioning, nuclear power generation and other highly regulated industries. The business is able to provide on-site technical support and services, and supplies other specialist services including equipment condition monitoring.


Leading edge technology and applications engineering company focused on providing value in commercial nuclear and power plant industries, government waste remediation facilities and waste cleanup. For over 35 years, they have developed an excellent reputation by consistently and proficiently applying their expertise in science, technology, engineering, field services, fabrication, and staffing to satisfy their customers’ technical, schedule and economic requirements. Their customers include major NSSS suppliers, the US Department of Energy, public utilities, international governments and a variety of domestic and international clients.

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Claudia Reich

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