TELBOT® with ATEX „Demo 2000“

Features of the TELBOT® with ATEX at a glance


10 kg

Arm length

6.7 m

Degrees of freedom

8 robot axes + 2 additional axes in the tool unit


Joystick and computer-assisted respectively virtual reality

Special Features

  • ATEX for zone 0 / category 1
  • High pressure cleaning nozzle and camera
  • Planning and control software for tank inspections

Special features of the TELBOT® with ATEX

  • no sparking due to specially coated surfaces
  • no heat building by the motors as they are located outside the danger area
  • cleaning by means of integrated high-pressure lance
  • easy operation due to infinitely rotatable joints
  • built-in collision avoidance to avoid damage
  • control outside from the container protects people
  • complete software-based cleaning of every point in the tank

Some advantages of the virtual reality software

  • In-house development: adapted to customer requirements
  • Security: working from secured positions
  • Automate: Planning, generation and execution of work paths is automated
  • Simulation: Real-time mapping of reality
  • Cost-efficient: virtual instead of real test benches
  • Spacing: Minimum clearances are automatically maintained
  • Integrated: collision avoidance
  • Real time: the mental relief

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