What others don't dare to do, we just build: A goniophotometer

The evidence for our precision & quality: The Physical-Technical Federal Institute (PTB) is our customer.

The Physical-Technical Federal Institute (PTB) commissions Wälischmiller Engineering for research and development projects in the illuminant industry. The assignment: To make possible the impossible. And we did it. Again.


The illuminant industry: An exciting environment

The illuminant industry is one of the largest sectors in German industry. It regularly has products tested and measured by the PTB.

The PTB with a sophisticated measurement set-up

The measuring room of the PTB provides a perfectly darkened space. In this room one robot holds the light source, while two other robots travel around the source measuring the direction-dependent distribution of the luminous flux. The measurement is transcribed via sequential measurements in the full spatial angle Thus the goniophotometer is intended to transmit the luminosity of a light source depending on the distance from the light source.

Precision of repetition that presents a challenge

Precision of repetition of the path deviation of the head of the photometer of <0.6 mm and in the centre of only 0.2 mm is required for these measurements by the PTB. This in itself did not alarm either Wälischmiller Engineering or our competitors. The combination of this requirement and an arm length of more than 6.4 metres did, however, cause our rivals to throw in the towel: Can’t be done.

But we would not be Wälischmiller Engineering if we didn't put this to the test: Following our feasibility study, our engineers decided: We can do this at least within the necessary precision requirements.

Wälischmiller Engineering makes it possible

Produced and delivered – a top quality special construction: Three robotic arms, each about 6.4 metres long and each with seven controlled axes for motion. The required precision in terms of repeatability was also no problem for HWM.

A globally unique goniophotometer, the concept of which is protected by international patent.

You can find details of the working group goniophotometry by clicking this link: Working group goniophotometry

We are specialists in special construction

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