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Wälischmiller was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Contribution in Japan

In November 2015 Wälischmiller Engineering was awarded the “Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Contribution” by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers for its commitment and long-standing contribution to the development of remote handling equipment for the further processing of nuclear fuel.

The awarding body, Division 8 Power & Energy Systems, praised the continuous engagement of Wälischmiller Engineering in the development of remote handling technology and related how, in the 1970s, HWM had delivered the first manipulators to JAEA (CPF facility) and went on to develop further manipulators which were and which continue to be successfully deployed in Rokkasho. These devices were praised for their reliability and their elegant mechanical construction. Another positive note was that HWM is continually pushing forward with further developments such as the A1000S robotic arm or the double-armed TELBOT®. JSME hopes that the competence of Wälischmiller Engineering in the remote handling segment can also be used in the dismantling of the Fukushima plant.

More about the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers: The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers is a scientific association, drawn from universities, companies and government institutions. Its object is the exchange of technological information and knowledge. JSME is a dynamic pioneer of new scientific and technical ideas and activities. The association provides interdisciplinary gatherings for engineers and scientists.

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