Corona Virus Current situation at HWM

by Jean-Michel Wagner

No standstill at Wälischmiller Engineering despite the corona crisis, projects continue to progress even in a state of emergency.

Social interaction is drastically restricted or even completely suspended due to the corona situation. Nevertheless, the employees continue to work alternately in their home offices whenever possible. Even at full speed, and as Managing Director Claudia Reich emphasizes: concentrated, efficient, responsible and above all highly motivated. Even in these difficult times we can count on the support of our customers, suppliers and business partners. Thank you to all those, who have made this possible.

We ensure that we retain the resources required to maintain safe, secure site operations whilst maintaining the health, safety and well-being of our employees. It includes social distancing, hygiene, cleanliness, staff sickness advice and staying at home. We make every possible effort to enable working from home. Where it is not possible, we make every effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the German government. Once again many thanks to you, who are keeping to it and continuing to work with great commitment.

Because now, on the one hand, it is important not only to follow through on our delivery promises, and on the other hand to do everything humanly possible to stem the pandemic. Keep well!

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