HWM manipulators and Robots to protect people

Engineering geniuses for hot working areas

Telescope master-slave manipulator A100

Optimised for hot cells: The telescope A100 master-slave manipulator has many advantages.

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A200 articulated manipulator

The master-slave articulated manipulator A200 for remotely controlled handling in boxes as well as small cells.

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A01 universal gripper

Wälischmiller Engineering A01 Series universal grippers are ideally suited to use in shielded cells and boxes.

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A1000 power manipulator

The A1000 power manipulator is particularly useful for heavy tasks which human operators cannot accomplish.

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A1000S robot

The A1000S power pack combines high loads with 3-D simulation, programmability and traditional high quality.

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V1000 Robotic vehicle

Strong, mobile, autonomous and very easy to handle. The completed concept of the V1000 is on the rise.

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TELBOT® robot

The weight lifter with maximum flexibility: The TELBOT® provides high capacity and infinite rotary motion across all axes.

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Input systems (HMI)

The matching input system is one of the deciding factors for effective, precise function. Choose between standard product and custom solution.

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Designed, constantly optimised and therefore ideal for work in hot areas or in nuclear decommissioning

Wälischmiller manipulators and robots stand for continuous optimisation and further development of the design as well as the technical features. This holds many advantages for you:

  • the highest product quality for our devices
  • perfectly suited to the respective task
  • maximum precision right down to the last millimetre
  • greatest possible reliability
  • proven and optimised many times


Specific application

Wälischmiller engineering manipulators are perfect for their respective application::

  • in hot cells
  • in support of automatic processes in hot cells
  • as auxiliary manipulator for decommissioning nuclear power stations
  • increased by mobile radiation protection walls
  • suitable for controlling existing A100 manipulators from a control room (as retro-fit kit)

All precision work can be carried out by means of direct visual contact via a window or via video monitoring by a camera.


Selected materials for highest longevity

Wälischmiller manipulators are designed for particularly rough and dangerous working environments. Radiation-resistant, acid- and corrosion-resistant materials are used. Only first-class materials are delivered from HWM after their surfaces have undergone an elaborated finishing process and they have been thoroughly inspected and tested.


Cost-effective – from development to maintenance

Our products and services are extremely economical. They represent the best value for money in the market. Our short delivery times mean that our products enable you to comply with completion dates in new buildings and you can be assured of short downtimes for repair and maintenance.


Worldwide service – with Wälischmiller you save money even after purchase

  • worldwide maintenance service: from the desert to the open sea, we are with you quickly to maintain your Wälischmiller devices in the shortest possible downtime.
  • speedy repairs: if one of your Wälischmiller devices is malfunctioning our extremely fast repair service keeps your costs down.


Documentation of provably high quality

Special testing processes when materials are fed in ensure consistently high quality. Quality is monitored right through to the acceptance test by you, the customer. We keep these processes transparent for your benefit. This reduces any risk to you from HWM devices to the lowest possible level.

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