Nuclear research relies only on the best

Wälischmiller Engineering has been a guarantor of high quality and safe manipulators for the nuclear sector for more than 70 years.

Wälischmiller Engineering regularly equips nuclear research facilities in the following two sectors:

  • scientific nuclear research
  • industrial nuclear research

The A100 and A200 manipulators are perfect for this application. They are the preferred choice because of their extreme sensitivity and great precision in operation.

Scientific nuclear research

Have you heard of CERN? CERN is the European organisation for nuclear research: Respected throughout the world and one of the largest centres of its kind. Its area of activity is in fundamental physics: What is the universe made up of and how does it function?

As one of the first German companies, HWM have been equipping nuclear research facilities similar to CERN since the 1960s. A great number of German facilities have for decades obtained their manipulators from Wälischmiller Engineering.

Our manipulators and robots have proven themselves for many years and are optimized for their fields of application. It is no coincidence that the Karlsruhe Institute for technology has been relying on HWM products and services since 1963.

Industrial nuclear research

Whether it's for medical examinations, use in space or the decontamination of objects - Materials behave differently than normal under the influence of radioactive radiation. The knowledge about it can save lives.

For this purpose, materials in material test facilities are exposed to radiation and tested. The knowledge gained will help in selecting the material and ultimately lead to greater security of tools and equipment as well as in the planning and implementation of projects.

Safety and reliability in products and services: This is what Wälischmiller Engineering is known for. For 70 years.

What we mean by lifetime

We mean it when we say “to the end of life”. It means: we supply spare parts for life or else make available suitable alternative products. As HWM customer, our competent service and our maintenance offer are available for you worldwide.

You too can rely on us. Even 30 years from now. Contact us, we have just the right long-term solution ready and waiting for you.

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