Strong – Flexible – TELBOT®:

Best performance in robotic form

Weight lifter with maximum flexibility: The TELBOT® provides high capacity and infinite rotary motion across all axes.
Special jobs call for a special robot: The TELBOT® from Wälischmiller Engineering. The TELBOT® particularly shows its strength in places where human operators cannot work and heavy work has to be done. For example in the nuclear industry or chemical plants.

The super-hero strength of the TELBOT® in figures


Up to 150 kg

Arm length

1.0 m to 7.0 m

Degrees of freedom

up to 8 (more on request)

Possible Input Systems

Special features

  • Cost-effective: completely maintenance-free and therefore practically without follow-up costs!
  • Modular: You can choose drives, arm lengths and joint modules
  • Flexible: Unlimited rotational movement in all axes
  • Lifelong: Maximum resistant in the nuclear field
  • Innovative: control in real time

A robot based on the jack-of-all-trades principle

The Telbot® is a multifunctional, modular and automated robotic system with unique characteristics:

  • No cable in or on the TELBOT® arms for unlimited, fast and precise arm motions and thus maximum efficiency and maximum comfort.
  • Smooth, sealed arm and joint bodies ensure maximum radiation resistance, making the TELBOT® robot the perfect partner for the nuclear sector because: The TELBOT® can not only be utilised for an extremely long time but is also maintenance-free and easy to decontaminate. They therefore represent an investment that will pay out in 30 years time.
  • The sophisticated engineering skill is apparent not least in the slim design with no loss of high capacity.
  • Tools can be remotely controlled with extreme precision and the high repeat accuracy and simple implementation of complex processes are an indicator of its trouble-free, intuitive operation.
  • Programmed motion sequences bring with them noticeably comfortable, speedy operation.

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Contact person

Kenji Hara

Kenji Hara

TELBOT® and Sales Japan