V1000 robotic vehicle:

Robotic arm mobilised via chain drive for difficult times

Strong, mobile, autonomous and easy to handle. The completed concept of the V1000 is on the rise. The V1000 chain-driven robotic vehicle from Wälischmiller Engineering brings mobility to the A1000 robotic arm! The previously unavoidable fixed function now gives way to complete mobility. The V1000 is the device for you in all fields of application which cannot be accessed by human operators.

When nothing else will do the job: V1000 manipulator vehicle

The robotic vehicle is especially popular as an extension of the safety and emergency concept of nuclear power stations. When no other machines can be deployed, the reliability of the chain-driven V1000 comes into its own. The robotic vehicle is also perfect for the oil & gas industriy and of optimum use.

You can rely on the indisputable quality and reliability of the V1000 for emergencies, salvaging, repairs and exceptional circumstances.

The V1000 is noted for its performance and versatility


Up to 100 kg

Arm length

Up to 2 m

(< load = longer arm)

Degrees of freedom

6 + Linear thrust (including gripper)


3-13 hours

Possible input systems

  • Remote wireless control
  • Wired control


  • Inside & outside
  • Challenging terrain
  • Stairs
  • Slopes


  • Power supply via cable
  • Wired control

Special features

  • Stable chassis
  • Radiation resistant up top 1 megaray
  • Easily decontaminable surfaces
  • Battery quickly and easily replaceable
  • To change from wireless controller to wired controller, simply replace the electronics module

Stable, flexible and modular – multiple applications for cost efficiency

Put your robotic vehicle together just as you need it to be: Order a tailored module and tools or use the existing accessories of the A1000, father of the V1000. Grippers, shovels and tools, for example, as well as arm spare parts can be re-used. You save on both purchase costs and storage.


More flexibility and lower costs thanks to modularity

The well thought-out modularity of the arm allows the individual arm elements and electronic module to be easily and speedily changed. As no special tools are required for this, changing tools saves you time and money.

The V1000 is our mobile robotic arm in the form of a track vehicle and is feasible in many applications. Ask our contact person for further information >

Contact person

Hubert Hafen

Hubert Hafen

Remote Handling Systems