The power pack among manipulators:

The A1000 for heavy tasks

The A1000 manipulator copes with heavy tasks in areas that are inaccessible to human operators. The A1000 power manipulator is particularly useful for heavy tasks which human operators cannot accomplish, e.g. in the nuclear industry or in chemical plants.

This is why the A1000 is the Number 1 manipulator


Up to 200 kg (optional 500 kg)

Arm length

Up to 4 m

(< load = longer arm)

Degrees of freedom

6 + Linear thrust (including gripper)

Force feedback

Force display

Possible input systems


Arguments for the A1000 manipulator

The manipulator also features

This list of arguments proves the A1000 to be the best manipulator for radioactive and inaccessible environments.

Flexible and diverse usability due to modularity

The A1000 is a modular power manipulator system for handling remote loads. The manipulator can thus be deployed flexibly everywhere: It is just as possible to use the A1000 on a gantry crane, on the ground, on a vehicle (manipulator vehicle V1000) or on an excavator as it is to use it on a wall.


In its standard version, the A1000 manipulator consists of:

  • a rail-dependent, movable bridge
  • a carriage on the bridge
  • a telescope with optional load hook to raise loads
  • a manipulator arm
  • as well as accessories such as tools

Extremely easy handling thanks to HWM engineering skill

The manipulator arm has six electrically-driven motions which can be controlled remotely.

  1. Top arm swings (infinite rotary motion possible)
  2. Bottom arm swings (infinite rotary motion possible)
  3. Wrist swings (infinite rotary motion)
  4. Hand rotates (infinite rotary motion)
  5. Push with hand
  6. Tongs open and close

Special engineering skill makes possible the infinite rotary motion. This allows maximum flexibility in use. In addition to this, the optimised motion ranges ensure that every point in the prescribed working area can be reached.

Continuous motion with ergonomic, intuitive control

All motions are electrically driven. Motion is controlled via a PLC control system (standard) or if requested via a computer control system (see Type A1000S).

The speed and force of the motions can be set to be continuous. In combination with the ergonomic, transportable control console, the operator can operate the manipulator intuitively.

Maintenance-friendly to save time and expense

With the A1000, those constant maintenance jobs that you remember from other manufacturers are a thing of the past. Thanks to its special construction and optimisation to suit its field of application, the A1000 manipulator is particularly maintenance-friendly. For example, the internally-fitted cable is protected from damage and each arm section can be changed by simply loosening one screw.

Even decontamination is made considerably easier thanks to especially smooth surfaces and sealed components. You save time and money while the manipulator gains longevity and durability thanks to these refinements.

High quality materials for the strictest requirements

Wälischmiller products are subject to strict material and quality requirements. You can find out what these are and why our products are not only economical but also reliable by clicking „Products“ >

The A1000 is specially designed to last a lifetime and in some cases has been in use for over thirty years. Many years of experience combined with continuous development ensure that the quality of our products will continue into the future.

Individual enhancement options

The size and performance of the A1000 can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of your application. For example, components such as an auxiliary hoist or a complete robotic control system (A1000S& TELBOT®) can infinitely extend the possible fields of application.

You can also find out about the Robot A1000S and the TELBOT® robot, as well as their extended applications >

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