Broad spectrum of engineering and manufacture


HWM not only masters engineering, but also a wide range of manufacturing processes - from steel and stainless steel construction to machining, electrical and plastics production.

Wälischmiller Engineering is versatile and possesses a range of manufacturing skills that is unsurpassed. We offer so much more than engineering; we also manufacture, assemble, package and organise delivery.

For you as the customer this means shorter delivery times, faster reaction times, perceptibly higher quality and appreciably faster service than with other companies.

We are your go-to contact for engineering in the handling technology sector. Not only that: with our state of the art machinery we can manufacture to order in the following sectors:

  • Steel construction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Machining technology with first-class lathes and milling machines
  • Electrical production


Range of manufacture

We produce one-off items as well as small series. Our manufacture is optimally designed to ensure fast delivery times and in reliable quality.


Production floor

On our 4900 m² production floor we machine, weld, assemble, wire and test. Short production paths and a seamless production line help to improve the quality and efficiency of our production - for your safety.



We are extremely experienced systems providers for handling technology in nuclear environments. This is why you should not leave your development project to chance but should entrust it the expertise and experience of HWM.

Complex development projects are always set thoroughly and transparently on track. To keep you on the safe side after accepting delivery, we would like you to know that our developments are compliant with current standards and official regulations.

While our robotic control systems are developed in-house, we also work with tied and tested specialist firms when it comes to special competences such as radiation-resistant camera technology. In this way you will always receive tested and qualitatively high-value innovations and technology. So you can move with the times while still enjoying the safety of our experience.

Wälischmiller Engineering manufacturing

Steel construction

On our 790 m² floor we manufacture the following products, for example:

  • Crane bridges
  • Trolleys
  • Rails
  • Consoles
  • Cross-beams
  • Complete radiation-shielded cabinets


Our employees are highly-trained in steel construction and are your guarantee of best quality, resulting in low maintenance costs and best amortisation:

  • Qualified welders
  • Welding monitoring personnel
  • Certified examiners for faultless testing as per ISO 9712
Stainless steel construction

Bending, welding, grinding and polishing up to  glass bead blasting are all carried out in-house. In addition to this we also manufacture heavy stainless steel welded constructions.

Machining technology

Our state of the art machinery for machining technology makes it possible to produce almost any construction component as an order-based one-off or as in stock series components. As your supplier we can make your operation flexible and efficient.

Electrical production

Our electrical engineers and electricians construct and wire the control cabinets and control consoles for our systems. We mainly use Siemens PLC control systems and these are programmed during electrical production.

The wiring and cabling for the energy and control lines are also produced and tested in this department.


The main items produced in our plastics department are the protective covers for the manipulator arms. The high-stretch ‘bootings’ are produced by a spray process.



Assembly, testing and removal are all carried out on our 1000 m² floor. Our assembly hall is 15 m high and flexibly equipped with a 5 m deep water basin, enabling us to recreate our customers’ spatial conditions 1:1. This enables us to guarantee a trouble-free and safe assembly procedure on the building site.



Due to our activity in nuclear engineering, we are used to presenting complete documentation from the allocation of the semi-finished product to the material re-stamping up to the complete system documentation. Our processes and our quality management system have been designed and perfected for this purpose.


Machinery in detail

Welding systems
  • MIG-MAG welding system ESS Type 401 MW DVK
  • MIG-MAG inverter welding system EWM 3x400
  • WIG-TIG welding system 350 AC/DC with foot board
  • WIG inverter EWM Tetrix T230 AC/DC
  • WIG welding system ESS 161TG
  • Welding rectifier ESS Type 250GE
  • Stud welding unit power unit ROTAMAT
  • Positioner APS LID 500 450x430x320
Lathes machines

Machine type

Turning Ø mm over bed/cross slide

Turning length in mm

Control system

DMG CNC CTX alpha 500 with counter spindle

500/200 bar feeding system


Siemens Sinumerik 840D with ShopTurn

DMG CNC CTX beta 800 with counter spindle

700 / 410


Siemens Sinumerik 840D with ShopTurn

Kern DMT CD650 (cycle-controlled)

650 / 420


Heidenhain Manual Plus

Kern CNC D20

420 / 200


Siemens Sinumerik 810 T

Kern CD 402 (cycle-controlled)

400 / 230


Heidenhain Manual Plus

Kern CNC Orion PD200

120/90 26 bar feeding system


Siemens Sinumerik 820 T

Tsugami HS327 short/sliding headstock with counter-spindle and B-axis

32 / 32 bar feeder


Fanuc 32i-B


Milling machines





Control system

Hermle CNC processing centre C42




Heidenhain iTNC 530

CNC Micron Universal UMC600




Heidenhain TNC 426





Heidenhain iTNC 520

CNC MAHO Universal MH600E




Philips CNC 432

CNC MAHO Universal MH600C




Philips CNC 432

CNC MAHO Universal MH500C




Philips CNC 432


Contact person

Jean-Michel Wagner

Jean-Michel Wagner

P.A. of the Management / Marketing