The electrically-driven manipulator A100S, made by Wälischmiller

A computer-supported master-slave - just what you need!

The electrically-driven manipulator A100S is a classic A100 with the operating arm replaced by a drive block with servo motor. The A100S differs significantly from the A100 in the following respects:

  A100S A100
  Telescopic master-slave manipulator with servo motors Telescopic master-slave manipulator
Typical installation height Flexible installation height 2.2 m to 3.2 m
Weight compensation / compensation Omitted, replaced by electrical drive Compensation for operating with low use of force throughout the working area
Additional functions Working above the horizontal manipulator axis none
Robotic function yes none
Electrical drive for all axes Drive block none (mechanical manipulator)
Operation Control console; optional: two joysticks or robotic control Via the operating arm on the "cold" side (master-slave)

The A100S electrical master-slave manipulator fulfils all requirements for operation in hot cells. The A100S makes the work in your facility not only easier and much more efficient, it also makes it extremely flexible.

The A100S extends the A100 list of advantages as follows:

  • simplified, ergonomic operation with the Masterarm system
  • upgraded application in specific environments, e.g. if there is no visibility or if access is not possible for the operator
  • working above the horizontal axis of the manipulator
  • independent of location; i.e. remote operation via visualisation system outside the danger zones
  • robot-controlled operation for automatic processes, collision monitoring and 3-D simulation, training on pc
  • operation via joystick

„Modular“ means you have more flexibility by lower costs

The modular principle of the A100 family reduces your costs and makes you more flexible. Why it is like that? Really simple: with a drive block and servo motors, every A100 manipulator can be equipped with an A100S robot. Block and motors are either directly attached to a "hot" arm or the through-wall tube instead of the "cold" arm.


Quality and storage space

The A100S is in no way inferior to the A100 in terms of quality of materials and documentation. Also storage is really simple: A100 and A100S spares for the hot arm save on storage space as they share the same design.


Fields of application for the A100S telescopic master-slave robot

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